Snow Globes and Snowdomes on Pinterest

Pinterest is an amazing source for viewing snowglobes you never knew existed. Antique, vintage, handmade and modern snow globes of every shape and size.

Gingerbread House Snow Globe, Austria

The Austrians make the most beautiful, snowy snowglobes. The gingerbread house looks handmade and very scrumptious.

Abraham Lincoln Snow Globe

Abraham Lincoln "The Great Emancipator" - A beautiful historical snowdome made by Atlas Crystal Works. This U.S. snow globe manufacturer made some amazing souvenir snow globes. I wish I could travel back to the 1940s and buy them all.

Shriner Salt and Pepper Water Globe Set

Decorative, Useful, and Practical - that's what it says on the box, so you know it's true. Two TV set-shaped snow globes, one with a camel inside, and one with a tuxedo'd and turban'd Shriner. The camel snow globe is a salt shaker and the Shriner snow globe is a pepper shaker. I don't know which I like more, the box art or the snowglobes. What do you think?

Art snow globes by Tomokazu Matsuyama

Amazing snow globes created by artist Tomokazu Matsuyama. These were designed using large glass snow globe kits from

snow globes on Pinterest

Lots of interesting snow globe pinning activity on Pinterest - a great source for snow globe inspiration.

Bethlehem snow globe

Oh Little snow globe Town of Bethlehem....

Kool Cigarettes Snowdome

This Kool Cigarettes snowdome is made in Germany. "Here mein kinder, enjoy this wundebar cigarette schneekugel!" Or words to that effect.

Lady and the Tramp Snow Globe

Ooooh, so romantic! When the Disney Store first opened in our area, I went nuts buying character snow globes. Now I'm a lot more choosy. This was probably one of the first Lady and the Tramp snowglobes they had at the store. I wonder how many different style snow globes they've made of this scene?